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What We Offers

50% off

For 4 Weeks onwards Rental

35% off

For 3 Weeks Rental

25% off

For 2 Weeks Rental

15% off

For 1 Weeks Rental

Work Process

How it works?

Just few steps to get a car

1. pick destination

Choose location and date when you will rent.

2. select term

Choose the type of a CAR you want to rent.

3. choose a car

Enter your particulars and book a car!

4. enjoy the ride

Enjoy your trip and our good service!

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Why Choose Us ?

Visit Malaysia 2020

Obtained Tobtab's License from the Ministry of Tourism.
Obtained APAD's permits to cars for hire.
To ensure client’s safeties physically and financially.
To ensure client’s safeties physically and financially.
To guarantee no extra charges and hassles once client returns the car are well in shaped and without any fines from the traffic police.
To monitor the business model is operating on the right path.
To avoid irregular activities from the Car Rental Providers.
To avoid hidden transactions in any accounts of Car Rental Providers.
To ensure cars we provide are still in good condition.
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We aimed to provide more car selections and the cheapest rate in Butterworth, Penang.
Addition of minimum 20 cars per annum is what we are currently doing to avoid to current overbooked schedules.
Also, we provide the Cheapest and the Best Rate for the rental of MPVs throughout Malaysia.
Also, we wish to have more clients from the industrial area and government sector to tie us down for long term rental contract.

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